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About 3.4 million American adults and children have epilepsy, a neurological condition that causes seizures. At Coastal Wellness Centers in Ormond Beach and DeLand, Florida, Joseph Rosado, MD, Kathryne Gunn, DO, and Alyn L. Benezette, DO, provide medical cannabis recommendations and can help you register for a medical marijuana card to manage epilepsy. Call Coastal Wellness Centers or schedule a consultation online today to find out if medical cannabis can help you manage epilepsy.

Epilepsy Q & A


What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that causes unprovoked, recurring seizures. Seizures are sudden disturbances in the electrical activity of your brain that affects your movements and behavior. Seizures can also cause unconsciousness or awareness. 

While epilepsy can result from traumatic brain injury, in many cases, it doesn’t have a discernible cause. Also, if you have epilepsy, you can have several different types of seizures. Some of the common types of seizures include:

  • Absence seizures: Cause loss of awareness of surroundings and subtle movements
  • Tonic seizures: Cause muscle stiffening
  • Atonic seizures: Cause loss of muscle control and falling
  • Clonic seizures: Cause repetitive jerking movements
  • Myoclonic seizures: Cause brief twitches of your arms or legs
  • Tonic-clonic seizures: Most dramatic type of seizure that causes body stiffening, jerking, and loss of consciousness

Epilepsy can interfere with your quality of life, but with treatment, you can reduce or eliminate your seizures.


How do doctors treat epilepsy?

Physicians provide customized treatment plans for epilepsy, depending on the types of seizure you experience and the severity of your condition. Conventional treatments include anti-seizure medication and neurostimulation, including vagus stimulation, responsive stimulation, and deep brain stimulation. Physicians also recommend dietary therapy and lifestyle modifications to limit your exposure to your seizure triggers. 


How does medical cannabis help with epilepsy?

While research on the effectiveness of medical cannabis is underway, strains of cannabis with high levels of cannabidiol are anecdotally proving to be an effective epilepsy treatment for adults and children. Studies show that medical cannabis reduces seizures that affect your motor skills and muscular control. Some patients even experienced the elimination of seizures during a clinical trial.

While medical marijuana does cause some side effects such as sleepiness, the side effects were less disruptive than some of the side effects of traditional anti-seizure medication. Additionally, medical cannabis helped patients who had not found successful treatment with conventional approaches for epilepsy.

Medical cannabis is also proving to be an effective treatment for children with autism disorders who also experience seizures. Coastal Wellness Centers is the only medical marijuana clinic in Florida to offer treatment for children.

If you want to learn more about medical cannabis for epilepsy, call Coastal Wellness Centers or make an appointment online today to find out if the treatment is appropriate for you or your child.