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Every year about 1.7 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer. At Coastal Wellness Centers in Ormond Beach and DeLand, Florida, Joseph Rosado, MD, Kathryne Gunn, DO, and Alyn L. Benezette, DO, provide recommendations for medical cannabis to help you cope with chronic pain and other disruptive symptoms of cancer and its treatment. Call Coastal Wellness Centers or schedule an appointment online today to find out if medical cannabis is right for you.

Cancer Q & A


How does medical cannabis fit into cancer treatment plans?

In many cases, when cancer is caught and treated early, you have a high chance of surviving and leading a healthy and fulfilling life. However, conventional treatments for cancer like chemotherapy and radiation also take a toll on your physical and mental health. The side effects of treatment are sometimes more disruptive than your disease. 

Medical cannabis can soothe the symptoms of cancer as well as the side effects of treatments. When it interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors, it can reduce your pain and stimulate your appetite, which not only helps you feel better but enables you to eat and maintain your strength to continue your fight. 


What should I do if I’m interested in medical cannabis for cancer?

There are several steps to begin medical cannabis treatment for cancer. First, you have an initial consultation with the team at Coastal Wellness Centers, when one of the state-approved, certified doctors evaluates your condition and determines if the treatment is right for you. 

If medical cannabis will improve your condition, they enter your information into the Florida Department of Health’s Compassionate Use database. 

Once the team enters your details, the state emails you instructions on how to complete your registration. When your registration is complete, the state sends an email to notify you of your acceptance into the program — usually within 10-20 business days. 

When you receive your confirmation email, you schedule your second appointment at Coastal Wellness Centers. Your provider creates a customized treatment plan and gives you a recommended dose to alleviate your symptoms. After this appointment, you can visit a licensed dispensary to purchase your medication.


How can I take medical cannabis for cancer? 

You can use medical cannabis in a variety of forms. Currently, Florida regulations allow patients to use medical cannabis in oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topical creams and ointments, oral syringes, capsules, flower (for smoking), and concentrate. Your provider discusses your treatment options and recommends the forms of medical cannabis that will be most beneficial to you.

If you have cancer and want to find out if medical cannabis is right for you, call Coastal Wellness Centers or make an appointment online today.