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The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States and the world. There’s no cure for glaucoma, and any vision lost to the condition can’t be regained, but it’s possible to control the disease and halt progressive vision loss.

Glaucoma damages your eye’s optic nerve, usually due to a buildup of fluid in the front part of your eye. The fluid increases your eye’s intraocular pressure, which negatively affects the optic nerve so your vision field constricts until it disappears altogether.

Although prescription drops, oral medications, and surgery help some glaucoma sufferers, these treatments aren’t always successful or ideal for certain patients.

For those who want or need an alternative to traditional medical treatments, medical marijuana is a valid, natural option. At Coastal Wellness Centers in Ormond Beach and Deland, Florida, we can help you understand the benefits of medical marijuana.

Marijuana reduces intraocular pressure

Lowering your eye pressure is the primary goal of glaucoma treatment. Smoking marijuana has been proven to lower eye pressure.

This can be helpful for patients who have trouble getting adequate eye pressure reduction with medications or who have untenable side reactions to the medications. While the effects of marijuana last just a few hours, if you can’t tolerate long-acting medications, it’s a good option.

Marijuana may be protective to the optic nerve

Although research about marijuana’s neuroprotective effects is still in its infancy, a recent study shows that marijuana may protect the optic nerve from damage. This means taking marijuana for glaucoma does more than just reduce intraocular pressure and could have a revolutionary effect on glaucoma treatment.

Marijuana can be administered in many ways

Medicinal marijuana can be administered in several ways, all of which can be effective in lowering eye pressure and potentially helping with glaucoma. Smoking is often the preferred method, but you can take it orally or intravenously as well.

Topical application of marijuana and any of its properties, such as TCH or CBD, are not effective for glaucoma, however. Researchers are investigating ways to include marijuana and its healing properties into eye drops but don’t have a successful product as of yet.

Marijuana can reduce anxiety

If you have end-stage glaucoma and associated anxiety or depression given your condition, medical marijuana can help ease your mental strain. It can be a valid alternative to prescription anti-anxiety medications.

We can help you

It’s important for you to have medical guidance if you choose to use marijuana for glaucoma. Usually it’s administered as an alternative, not an addition, to traditional medications.

The qualified medical team at Coastal Wellness Centers can help you with the appropriate dosage, form, and timing of use to ensure that it’s appropriately keeping your eye pressure low and helping you avoid complications of glaucoma.  

If you have glaucoma and are looking for an alternative to traditional medicines or surgery to reduce eye pressure and prevent progression of the disease, contact Coastal Wellness Centers to learn about the potential of using medical marijuana. Call the most convenient office or schedule online today.

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